Trim the wick to ¼” before lighting every time! This makes all the difference in the longevity and clean burning of your candle. A long wick burns much too hot and will both use up the candle more quickly and create soot. Grab a wick trimmer or use nail clippers to get a close cut.


Burn your candle for up to 4 hours at a time. Coco - apricot wax behaves a little differently than soy and paraffin waxes. It will often take 3-6 burns for your wax to pull away from the edges. Our wax burns hotter the lower you go in the vessel so it will eventually catch up and melt down. If you allow your candle to burn long enough to reach a full melt pool it will last longer.


Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of a draft, pets, or small children. If the flame seems high or the container is too hot in the midst of burning, simply extinguish the flame, let it cool down, trim the wick and restart!


My flame is to big

If the flame seems high or the container is too hot in the midst of burning, simply extinguish the flame, let it cool down, trim the wick and restart!

My flame is very small/ not staying lit

If your flame is very small and barely lit or not staying lit, simply extinguish the flame, let it cool down, and then use your fingernail to scoop out a little bit of wax around the wooden wick. Sometimes if you cut the wick to short the flame drowns in wax and struggles to stay lit.

what are scent notes

A candle has three types of notes, a top note, a middle note, and a bottom note.  A top note is the first scent you ‘experience’ when the candle first burns or when you smell it when it is unlit. 

Then, the middle notes are the scent results after the top note has faded a little.  This scent that you experience consists of the middle notes of the candle fragrance.

Finally, you then have the bottom note, which are the scents that reveal itself as the candle is lit and burning at a full melt pool (top layer is melted).  It can take up to an hour or so for this to occur.  

why coconut apricot wax

Coco- apricot wax is toxin, paraben, and phthalate-free with a beautiful rich and creamy off-white appearance. It is considered to be more environmentally friendly than paraffin and soy waxes because it is made of renewable resources.

why wooden wicks

Wooden wicks give off a peaceful crackling noise that I really love. They are organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly sourced from FSC-certified mills and made in USA.

what is a full melt pool , hot throw, and cold throw

A full melt pool is when your melted wax reaches the edges of the entire candle vessel. When your candle reaches a full melt pool the fragrance will be at its strongest. Cold throw is how strong a candle smells when you pick it up off of a store shelf. Hot throw is how strong a candle smells when you are burning it at home.

Are your candles sustainable

Our candle vessels have intentionally been selected so that they may be used after you have finished burning your candle. Our vessels are made of 100% recycled glass from Spain, giving them a beautiful tint of sea foam. We use cork tops because cork is incredibly sustainable. Cork is made from bark of cork oak trees. When the bark is removed it will grow back without killing the tree. All of our packaging and packing materials are recycled or made with recycled materials. We use very minimal plastic and bubble wrap in our products, and when we do, they are of recycled materials or repurposed from our supply shipments.

Do you ship - Can I pick my order up?

Yes we do ship! We try our best to ship orders out on Monday and Tuesdays so that they spend less time sitting in transit. Our coco - apricot wax is a softer creamier wax so we use a cool-shield shipping material during hot summer months.

We offer pick up for locals at 151 Morada Way, Islamorada, FL. Once your order is packaged and ready for pick up you will be notified via e-mail.